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Jan 01, 2013

Please help us forward the goals of NF California

Dear NF California members and supporters,
With our new logo, you may not recognize us at first. NF California, or “NFC” for short, is the California chapter of the national Neurofibromatosis Network, formerly known as NF Inc. NFC is comprised of volunteers who work for the good of the NF population in our spare time, from home desks or kitchen tables. We fund our projects primarily through annual walks and small local fundraisers. However, with the recent appointment of Vincent Riccardi, M.D. as our Medical Director, NF California has big plans for 2013!
We will start 2013 with an NF1, NF2 and Schwannomatosis symposium at House Research Institute in Los Angeles on January 19. NF California is planning six free educational meetings throughout California to address needs of NF patients and their families, doctors and other professionals.  We are expanding our free support meetings throughout the state to foster friendships and plan events that provide support, education, advocacy and research. 
By making the events affordable, we can reach the people who really depend upon us for the knowledge and support. We, in turn, ask for your help. Please consider sending a tax-deductable donation to NF California to support the following functions
o   Six educational meetings.
o   Support group meetings (Roseville, Stanford University and Oakland Kaiser).
o   Care packages for NF patients in hospital or recovering from surgery.
o   Informational packets to patients, doctors, educators wanting to learn about NF.
o   Paid administrative staff position to seek out grants and other funding.
o   Advocacy efforts in Washington, D.C. for NF research.
o   Karaoke for a Cure (50% goes to NFC, 50% to research or clinical care).

Your 2012 annual appeal donation can be mailed to NF California, PO Box 1234, Vacaville, CA 95696 or by credit card online using our NF Steps run/walk website shopping cart.
Finally, please help us keep closer communication with you by updating your physical and email addresses with us. Each time we send information via email or U.S. Mail, many are undeliverable because of outdated contact information. If your contact information has changed, please send an email to
Thank you so very much for your support of NF California, the organization with a heart!
Katie Sperring
Secretary, NF California
Printable Annual Appeal Letter