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Buddy bearNF Buddies Around the World

Where's Buddy? Read his blog...

Hi! My name is Buddy, and I LOVE to travel! I am taking a vacation around the world, meeting children affected by Neurofibromatosis. The “NF Buddies” book has taught me a lot about NF, and I would love to share my book with you!

There are thousands of children throughout the world with Neurofibromatosis. “Buddy” is a teddy bear who hopes to visit them all! He would like to drop by your house for a one week visit. Buddy travels through the mail, accompanied by a copy of the “NF Buddies” book. During his visit, we would like you to read Buddy’s book, sign it, and then pose for a photo postcard with Buddy. Your parents will then help you mail the postcard to NF Inc. California and send Buddy to meet his next new friend. We will post the photo online, along with your first name (or a nick name) and the name of your state, country, or province.

Note to parents - As parents ourselves, our board members are very excited about this program and are dedicated to preserving the privacy of the children. Our goal is to help the children feel less isolated while learning a great geography lesson! We would love to have you join us in this worthy cause!

If you have any questions about this program or would like to sign up to host Buddy, email Maria,

Buddy hopes to meet you soon!

Buddy flyer

The “NF Buddies” Book

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have NF?
Or, do you have NF and want to know more about it?

Our new kids’ book is a great resource for people of all ages. (Yes, we will even let the grown ups see it! They may learn something too!)

If you would like to see what “NF Buddies” looks like, click here. You can read a few pages of the book.

If your parents would like to buy a copy, they can find out more by clicking here.

How can I help?

Children have the power to make a huge difference in teaching people about NF and also raising funds to support the effort. Here are a few ideas….

Show someone this website –especially the NF Buddies book
Organize a penny drive and donate the money to NF Inc. California
Host a “Caps for Kids” day at your school. (Email for more info)
Collect used cell phones and ink cartridges for recycling. It’s good for the environment AND it raises money!

Do you have an idea that you would like to do for NF? Email and tell us your idea.