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"Help Needed" ~ Volunteer for NFC

If these were paid positions, we would be running a classified ad! But, since we are an all-volunteer organization, we will simply beg (and plead)! We need a few more people willing to volunteer for a few hours, days a month or on a long-term basis. 

Please email us at if you would like to volunteer with us or you can give us a call at 707-469-0467

Care Group Coordinator—An effective way to uplift those with Neurofibromatosis is to have support groups, located where our members live. Since our    membership covers the entire state of California, we want our Care Groups to blanket California too. Each care group will host at least three activities a year—an educational meeting, a fundraiser, and a social event. The Care Group Coordinator will facilitate those activities and be the contact person within each area.

Ebay Coordinator– NFC is now on Ebay! The Ebay coordinator would manage the Ebay account, post items for sale, and support our members in making donations through Ebay sales.

E/Scrip and IGive Coordinator—NF Inc. CA has yet to fully utilize these two great ways of receiving donations. We need someone to take charge of these    programs and help our members understand and utilize them. 

Linking Us Together Coordinator—Help our NF patients and families find each other! The “Linking Us Together” service is available on our website. We need someone to receive those requests and facilitate these essential connections.

Office Assistant– The NFC office, located in Vacaville, needs someone to act as an office assistant, helping with light clerical duties on a regular basis. 

Outreach Coordinator—There are thousands of Neurofibromatosis patients within California who haven’t yet found NF Inc. We want to make sure everyone who needs support receives it. The Outreach Coordinator’s first responsibility would be to help build a physician database. With this information we can reach out to all diagnosed NF patients within the Golden State. Another responsibility of the Outreach Coordinator would be to send NFC packets to those who request information. 

Media Coordinator– This person would help build our media data base for     California. He or she would reach out to local newspaper, radio and TV stations to help educate others about NF and also to promote upcoming events. 

Recycling Coordinator-At one time we were able to collect $500.00 a month in ONE community simply by recycling inkjet cartridges and cell phones, we need to keep this program going. It is a very easy way to spread the word about Neurofibromatosis and to help in keeping our state “green” The coordinator would help educate members of NFC about our recycling program and to rally up more participants.

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